'We all have reservoirs of life to draw upon, 

of which we do not dream.'

- William James




  'Mindfulness Based            Stress Reduction'

8-week group course

Next course starts: 

Wed 27 Feb 2013


7 - 9:30 pm (8 weeks)

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Ph: 0401 904 995

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about being fully present in each moment to what is going on within our own mind, body and in the world around us. Mindfulness cultivates an attitude of openness, interest, and non-judgement. It is the ongoing practice of touching life deeply in each moment of daily life, of being aware, balanced and in touch with ourselves. 

sun_and_blue_sky_518_byMindfulness is also about living consciously and acting in line with our core values, rather than living on autopilot or being driven by past conditioning. It is about meeting life with openness and clarity in each moment, rather than being stuck in ruminating about a past that is already gone, worrying about a future that may never happen or denying the reality of the present moment that is already here. 

Mindfulness enables us to enjoy more fully what is pleasant and satisfying in our life, and to face with more ease and confidence what is difficult. It helps us to make much better use of the power of our own mind, and to make the most of each moment, regardless of the circumstances.

The practice of mindfulness has become increasingly popular over the past few years, because of its proven effectiveness in improving a wide range of psychological and physical problems, and in improving overall health, wellbeing and functioning. For more info on the proven benefits of mindfulness click here


The ability to be mindful is a natural part of being human, and anyone can cultivate this innate ability. Mindfulness can be developed through training and regular group_jumping_for_joypractice, both in our daily life and through mindfulness meditation.

For more info about training possibilities click here


Mindfulness training increases our ability to recognize and regulate the symptoms of stress, so we can go through our day with more ease and clarity. Mindfulness also helps us to recognize, tolerate and regulate difficult emotions like anxiety, sadness, depression and anger, instead of being overwhelmed or driven by them or trying to suppress them. We also learn to recognize and let go of unhelpful thinking patterns, thus opening up to a more flexible, creative use of our cognitive abilities. 

The awareness, calmness and open-minded attitude that is cultivated through mindfulness means that we are no longer driven by our habitual conditioning, and can reflect with more clarity and wisdom on our choices. This enables us to act in ways that are more congruent with our personal values and life choices in all areas of our life, including work, personal relationships and health.



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